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Eco-friendly Product

Yonder products are made with the environment and you in mind. Sustainable & safe. Check the FAQ for more info!

Yonder FAQ

Septic Tank Safe

Yonder products are all Septic Tank Safe. Check the FAQ for more info!

Yonder FAQ

Plant-Based Ingredients

Yonder's formulas are full of Plant-Based and Natural materials. No nasty hidden ingredients. Check the FAQ for more info!

Yonder FAQ

Pet Friendly Product

Yonders formulas are as safe as they can be to use around our furry friends. Check the FAQ for more info!


Are the Yonder Liquid Detergents suitable for HE and non-HE machines?

Yes, our laundry liquid detergents, softeners and capsules are safe for both HE machines and regular machines including top and front loaders.

What is the outer material of the Yonder Laundry Liquid capsules made from? Will these dissolve in a regular cool temperature wash?

The outer casing on the capsules are made from a soluble plant-based material, they work effectively on cool washes (80°F), all you need to do is pop it in the washing machine drum before your clothes and then set to your regular wash cycle and the capsule coating will dissolve away.

It says the Yonder Towel Softener is suitable for reusable diapers. Do I need to do anything different when applying the dosage to my appliance?

Not at all! Simply wash your reusable diapers as you normally would. You can add the suggested dosage to the appliance dosage compartment and use any other detergent you want to use along-side this product.

I want to use the Yonder Sports Wash Liquid Detergent on a sweat stain on my gym clothes, do I need to pour it straight on to the material before putting the fabric it in to my washing machine?

We don’t recommend pouring any of the liquid detergents straight on to fabrics. Simply wash as normal and apply the detergent to your washing machine dosage compartment. If you feel you need to remove an incredibly hard to remove stain, we recommend using a fabric stain remover that is suitable to apply straight on to fabrics.


You call it the Yonder Iron & Pan Cleaner, but you also say it’s suitable for other surfaces like grout and BBQs. Is there anywhere I can’t use it?

The Iron & Pan cleaner is a very versatile product and can remove many types of build-ups and stains from a variety of surfaces. We don’t, however, recommend using it on polished, chromed, plated or non-stick surfaces as it is a natural abrasive and could ultimately scratch. It’s always best to use in an inconspicuous area and test first. Check our FAQ for more info about Yonder Iron & Pan Cleaner.

How do I know when the Yonder Iron & Pan Cleaner is activated?

All you need to do is; simply add water and begin to buff on the area of concern. When finished, leave in a place to air dry. Keeping away from children & pets.

I bought my first Yonder Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner but can’t figure out how to use it as it says not to open. How do I know it’s working?

That’s right! You don’t open it. Take it out of the packaging and place it directly into the cistern of your toilet, just as it comes. After a few hours, the water in the cistern will begin to turn a blue color and with every flush, the solution will be activated and run through to the toilet bowl. Depending on the power of your flush, how often you flush and the flush mechanism you have, the color of the water may take less or more than a few hours to turn blue. You’ll know it’s finished when the color starts to fade altogether. You can double check if the pot is empty by taking it out of the cistern to check. Use gloves and have an old towel or tissue to hand cover any surfaces around the toilet as it may drip as you lift it out of the cistern. Pop it directly into a bag for disposing of if it’s empty and recycle.


Why can the Yonder Dishwasher Tablets be used in and out of the dispenser? You say I can place it on the drum floor. What’s the difference if I do?

Every dishwasher brand and make have their own setting and cycle options. Some are extremely energy efficient and use very little amounts of water and some only do short cycles. It really varies. We recommend using the tablets by placing them on the floor of the dishwasher when using a short cycle to ensure there is enough water to disperse the tablet at the right time and so it can really get to work. Try our suggestion and see if it works best for you! Otherwise, place as normal into the dispenser and set your regular cycle.

I have a septic tank. Can I use Yonder Dishwashing Products?

Yes. Yonder products are all safe for septic tanks, not just our Dishwashing range.


What is the main difference between Yonder Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner & Full-Service Machine Cleaner? Should I be using both?

The difference is; Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner is a maintenance product that can be used monthly if needed. These tablets give your machines and pipework a clear out from any blockages or scale that is started to occur. The Full-Service Machine Cleaner is a great strong cleaning product that is perfect for a machine that has never been descaled or hasn’t for a while.

What is the Yonder Magnoball and can I use this with Dishwashing Tablets and other detergents?

The Magnoball is ultimately a long-term water softening product that softens the water used in each cycle and will result in a better and more thorough clean. You can use it in both the Washing Machine & Dishwasher and also use your regular detergents at the same time. It’s as simple as that.

Is the Yonder Appliance Cleaner & Coffee Machine Cleaner a liquid or a powder and what’s the difference?

Both solutions are liquids. The Main differences are the concentration in each of the formulas. They both, however, work to descale and clean appliances.

Can I use more than one drain cleaning stick in each plughole?

The Drain Sticks have been specially formulated to work by using just one a month in each plughole/drain. If you follow the calendar on the pack, this should ensure your drains are maintained throughout the year. Although a blockage cannot in its entirety be stopped from occurring, it should help keep things free flowing and keep them odor free.

I’m worried about using unblockers in my drains as I know they usually corrode materials and pipe joint after prolonged use. How is the Yonder Hair Drain Unblocker any different?

We use specially formulated enzymes that work naturally to break down the hair and organic matter that has formed a blockage in the drain. No toxic chemicals and definitely no corrosive ingredients that could damage your plumbing.