Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner: Why Use It?

Want to know more about our Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner and why you should use it?


What is it?

The Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner is a powerful, plant-based tablet descaler encased in a soluble wrapper. The natural formula helps remove limescale and detergent build up that occurs within your appliances, helping them run smoothly & effectively throughout their lifetime.

Why use it?

We advise descaling your appliances every month (or 3 at most), since the build-up of limescale and laundry/cleaning detergents can ultimately damage your machine over time as this build-up can accumulate very rapidly. It can cause problems with pipework resulting in blockages, issues with the drum due to a build-up of caked on scum, and it can even damage the heating element causing it to malfunction and over-heat. You might not need to replace the whole machine when it does stop running, but often the cost of buying a new part and paying for the labour to get it fixed can just be a few dollars short of buying a brand new one! Discarding the whole machine might be easier and less hassle to you, but it truly does start to become wasteful if we all have that mind set.

The main aspiration behind these mighty little descaling tablets is to clean and sanitize your machines fully and as easily as possible. It’s non-toxic formula doesn’t impact badly on your machine or on you. It stands by all our important criteria being vegan and cruelty-free, the list goes on.

1 box alone can supply you with a scale free machine for over a year!

What more could you want?

How to use it.

How to use this product is very simple…

For washing machines: Just pop a tablet into the drum of your empty machine. Then Run a hot (60 C plus) cycle without a pre-wash.

For dishwashers: Just pop a tablet onto the bottom of the empty machine. Then Run a hot wash without a pre-rinse.

Just remember; no need to open the wrapping of each tablet as they are completely soluble and don’t have any of your dishes or clothes still in the machines!

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